OMKAR offer IoT Based Farm Management solution which directly or indirectly enable Farmer to optimize, increase agility and responsiveness, reduce operational costs and improve asset reliability. GIS Map build using GPS technology along with information captured by Farm IoT system, would accurately guide to spread fertilizer where the soil is poorest, irrigate only the driest spots and spray just the plants that need protection from pests. The potential to save money is huge, but more than this, healthier plants mean higher yields. It’s a money-saving, profit-boosting, tech-led way of farming that helps protect the environment.

The system can also be accommodated with features to calculate the economic impact of each recommendation so companies can immediately understand the financial implications of a particular course of action. This feature helps farmers make better real-time operational decisions based on economic measures versus continuing with inherited farming practices. In addition, the solution shall allow farmers to review historical information on similar issues that may have been encountered so they can learn from the actions taken at that time and make better operational decisions today. One of the key features of the proposed solution shall be its user interface, which can be tailored to farmers’ unique demographics.

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