The modern utility faces an array of challenges due to growing demand, stricter regulations, environmental mandates, and consumer expectations. These challenges require strategic technology investment and innovation. The industry is seeing the following trend

• Convergence of information and operations technology

• Increased use of connected devices

• Increasing customer expectations

• Changing customer engagement models through deregulation

• Increased compliance and regulatory requirements

• Distribution generation

• Increased generation from renewables

• Mergers and acquisitions

Our vast experience in Utility domain & Capability in IoT field can help you to achieve smart, efficient, safe, and secure operations. You can take full advantage of the Internet of Things while supporting and streamlining your mission-critical and business applications.

New energy sources, regulations and market forces are changing the way electricity is generated, distributed, and consumed. We can help you adapt and thrive with these changes by deploying an IoT-ready communications infrastructure.

Our approach is to help you use IoT applications to better manage devices, access insightful analytics, manage demand, and increase capacity and control of distributed energy resources. We have working relationship with an ecosystem of partners (including Electrical network analysis experts) to rapidly implement these use cases and bring them to market. Consumption

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